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Makeup Tinted Moisturizer

The best tinted moisturizers are a time-pressed gal’s best friend. If, like us, you’re a fan of products that speed up your morning beauty routine, then you definitely need to add a tinted moisturizer to your makeup bag if you haven’t already. After all, these multi-taskers combine foundation and moisturizer, which eliminates the need for time-consuming layering and helps get us out the door in a flash.

When on the hunt for the perfect Makeup Tinted Moisturizer, we want something that will soften the skin and keep it hydrated — but we also want some added color, especially for those days we don’t want to cake on heavy foundation. Find out what our readers think about the best tinted moisturizers, and discover your next makeup must-have/
Full-coverage foundation can be perfect for work, weddings or evenings out. But sometimes you might want something lighter. Enter tinted moisturizers—the more hydrating and more translucent cousins of foundation. «Tinted moisturizers are great for a more casual finish—kind of like wearing your favorite pair of jeans,» says celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn. «They’re easier to work with because they’re more sheer, they have a lightweight texture, they usually have an SPF benefit and they’re more portable (usually in a tube).» Read on for Quinn’s expert tips on applying this miracle base.
Tinted moisturizers are like hydrating lotions and just as foolproof. Skip a makeup wedge or brush, and apply the formula evenly onto your skin using your fingertips. «Take a small amount and blend from the center of the face out, much like you would apply a daytime moisturizer,» says Quinn. If you need more coverage in certain areas, add a light touch of concealer afterward and blend for a smooth appearance.
Although you may be tempted to set the look with a finishing powder, resist the urge. The point of tinted moisturizer is to look like you’re not made up, so embrace the radiant finish. «Powder is definitely a no-no,» says Quinn. «It’s all about the glowing skin.» If you have oily skin that will look more greasy than glowing, try out Revision Intellishade Tinted Moisturizer SPF 45 Matte for a flatter finish.

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